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This page will contain some basic notation.

  • or 𝔽2 is the binary space;
  • or 𝔽2𝑛 is the binary vector space of dimension 𝑛;
  • or 𝔽2𝑛 is the finite field with 2𝑛 elements;
  • π‘ŠπΉ is the Walsh transform of the function 𝐹;
  • 𝑛𝑙(βˆ™) or 𝒩ℒ(βˆ™) indicates the nonlinearity of a function;
  • π’Ÿπ‘ŽπΉ is the derivative of the function 𝐹 in the direction of π‘Ž;
  • 𝐺𝐹 is the graph of 𝐹;