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<td><math>x^3+a^{-1} \mathrm{Tr}_n^3(a^6x^{18}+a^{12}x^{36})</math></td>
<td><math>x^3+a^{-1} \mathrm{Tr}_n^3(a^6x^{18}+a^{12}x^{36})</math></td>
<td> <math>3|n, a \ne 0</math></td>
<td> <math>3|n, a \ne 0</math></td>
<td><ref name="2_ref" />
<td><ref name="2_ref" /></td>

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Functions Conditions References
C1-C2 [1]
C3 , s.t. [2]
C4 [3]
C5 , [4]
C6 [4]
C7-C9 [5]
C10 even, and even, [6]
C11 satisfies the conditions in Lemma 8 of [7] [7]
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